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Over Stowey Parish Council News – February

The January Parish Council Meeting was held on 16th of the month. All Councillors attended.

The minutes of the previous Meeting were adopted.

The Village Agent (Mrs Alison Hoare) attended the Meeting and advised Councillors of the intention to set up a Community Car Scheme similar to that in operation in Stogursey. It was hoped that the scheme would include Nether Stowey. She also mentioned the quarterly coffee morning to be held on Sat 23rd January in the Village Hall (in fact it was very well attended).

A Public Meeting prior to the Parish Council Meeting on 21 March will be held at 7.00pm to hear any further applications for grants from the Downing Legacy. So far requests have come from Friends of Quantock for help towards improvement to car parking at Crowcombe Park Gate (Custom Common side). The Recreation Committee for  refurbishment of the childrens play area on the cricket ground and the Parochial Church Council for improvement to the North chapel/meeting room.

It was mentioned that it was planned to hold an  event in the Village to celebrate the Queen’s 90th official birthday. This would be open to Over Stowey Residents only. More details later.

As a result of the very wet weather this winter there are many serious pot-holes on the roads in the Parish. The highways authority will be informed as to their position and hopefully swift repair.

Items on the agenda for the March Meeting will include costs of the Parish Party and any support that the PC might give and  also concern about Mountain Bikers at Cockercombe and other areas within the boundaries of the Parish.

Over Stowey Parish Council News – January

A Meeting was held on Monday 21st December. One member of the Parish attended prior to the  Meeting to voice concern about the lack of transparency in the Council’s proceedings and particularly regarding the accounts. A brief resume of the current financial position is published on the Parish Council website (www.overstoweyparishcouncil.co.uk) . This will be regularly updated in the future.

A complaint was received that church services were not published online. However they are always listed in the Quantock Messenger and posted in the Church Porch.

The appointment was confirmed of Mrs Amanda Claire McMurren mail to:(amandamcmurren@hotmail.com) as the new Parish Clerk with effect from 1 Jan 2016. The retiring Clerk Mrs Teresa Dane was thanked very much for her help and support over several years.

It was agreed that a laptop be purchased from parish funds for the use of the Clerk in respect of parish business.

The Parish Precept was discussed and  as the financial position of the parish funds was satisfactory, it was decided to keep the precept at the same rate as last year.

The cost of the Parish Election held in 2015 was to be met out of Reserves.

There were no planning issues to be considered at this meeting.

It was noted that both the road sign at Marsh Mills and gate into the Cemetery needed repair.

The culvert at Slapes Cottage had been repaired.

With regard to the Downing Legacy it was agreed to call; a Public Meeting to discuss this bequest and the requests received so far for grants. This meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Monday 21st March at 7.00pm prior to the monthly Parish Council.

Over Stowey Parish Council News – November & December

Communication to the Parish has been mentioned from a member of the public. Can we remind you all that all the latest and up to date information is on the Parish website www.overstoweyparishcouncil.co.uk this is the most useful place to find all the Parish Council information. It is updated regularly.
The clerk has handed in her notice with her last working day December 31st 2015. She will be missed and we thank her for her hard work. Anybody who is interested please get in touch with the clerk before the next meeting, which is Monday 21st December.
By the time this is published many of you will have visited the site at Cannington Enterprises, we hope this will have been very useful and all questions that you wanted answered are answered.
On behalf of Over Stowey Parish Council we wish you a very Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

Notes from Over Stowey Parish Council Meeting

Monday 19 October 2015

There was a large turn out at the Parish Council Meeting of members of the Public due to the many concerns about the installation of a Digestate Lagoon close to Merlyns Farm Spaxton.Mr Rowe of Cannington Enterprises attended the Meeting and tried to answer the many questions put to him. The feeling of the Meeting was that these concerns,particularly regarding unpleasant odours coming from the lagoon and increased Large Vehicular Traffic (large tractors and trailers), were not fully allayed.

Mr Rowe offered to those concerned to come and have a look at a digestate plant at a mutually agreeable time. This date, when agreed, will be published on the Parish website (www.overstoweyparishcouncil.co.uk) It was also pointed out that the Lagoon was, in fact in Spaxton Parish and any concerns could be addressed to them as well as Sedgemoor DC.

Two members of the Public voiced their objections regarding the application of a change of use of disused farm buildings at Adscombe Farm to a gift shop and holiday lets. Their concern was that this development was inappropriate in an ANOB and the likely increase in the volume of traffic along a narrow lane.
The PC then discussed the Agenda.

The PC felt that all things being considered there was no objection to the plans for Adscombe Farm.
Repair of the graveyard wall was still in the hands os of the PCC so no action from the PC was necessary at this stage.
The Downing Legacy was again considered, but little progress has been made in finding suitable projects for this Legacy. All in the Village are asked to put forward suggestions to the Chairman or Parish Clerk for capital projects which might be considered appropriate.

Finally if there are concerns in the way that the Parish Council or its Members operate they should be voiced at the next PC Meeting when they would be considered.
The next PC Meeting will be held on Monday 16 November at 7.30pm

John White.

Parish Council Notes

September 2015
The Parish Council Meeting was held in the Village Hall on Monday 21st September 2015. No members of the Public attended.The minutes of the Meeting on 13th July were approved and adopted.The Over Stowey web site is now up and running (www.overstoweyparishcouncil.co.uk). Details of all Parish Council Meetings and other relevant information will be placed on this web site. It was noted that the annual cost of this new web site was less than the previous web site.The County Council will be contacted to voice the Parish’s concern regarding the state of the roadside hedges and the potential damage that could be caused to vehicles, particularly high sided ones. Land owners should also be made aware of their responsibilities in this respect.Nothing has still happened regarding the signs at Plainsfield.Quotations will be obtained for tidying up an area of the church graveyard.The County Council to be reminded of the serious potholes in the passing bays along the edge of Custom CommonMuch sympathy was extended to the new Vicar during her current illness and the Council unanimously wished her a very speedy recovery.It was agreed that a bouquet be sent to her on her return from HospitalAn application was received from the Recreational Committee for a grant towards the repair of the play area. It was decided to take no further action on this until a further request be made to Viridor to see whether they may re- consider a grant as we now could have some funds available to put towards the cost.The Council await further written applications for grants from other Parties in the Parish before deciding how the money from the Downing Legacy is spent.The next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held at the Villlage Hall on 19th October at 7.30pm

Cllr White


News from Over Stowey Parish Council. August 15

The Parish Council Elections were held on 2 July. Six of the previous Council were re-elected and John White was elected to take the seventh place. Over 50% of the electorate voted. The total cost of holding the Election(including postal votes) amounted to £1810.61 The AGM of the New Parish Council took place on 13 July when Richard Curtis was appointed Chairman and Keith Barrow was appointed Vice. Accounts for the previous year were approved and adopted. At the Meeting held immediately after the AGM it was agreed to give a further £150 towards the Kiln for Nether Stowey School, the Parish already having given £100 previously. It was agreed also that a new official website be set up for Over Stowey Parish (www.overstoweyparishcouncil.co.uk) and it will contain details of Parish Meetings and other useful information pertaining to the Parish. Please go and have a look at it. The Parish Council Noticeboard, outside the Village Hall, will continue to be used but only for Parish Council affairs. The Council are still hopeful that a grant will be forthcoming from Viridor to help towards the cost of a new Play Park and Recreation Area by the Cricket Ground. Members of the Council offered to cut the grass on Bincombe Green and the grass area by the Cottage Inn as the high grass there affects visibility turning onto the A39. Finally it was announced that the Parish Council had received a most generous legacy from the Estate of the late Majorie Downing. The Council will consider in due course how best to spend the money and any suggestions to the Council from Over Stowey Parishioners will be welcome. The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Village Hall on Monday 21 September at 7.30pm Councillor White